Brand and Ross pioneer rape-talk radio

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Nasty, small-minded misogyny doesn’t surprise me. That a man would write, in reference to the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’s BBC Radio 2 ‘prank’ phone call: “It is not as if [Georgina] Baille is some innocent convent girl. She admits she slept with Brand and she works as a ‘burlesque dancer’ in a group called Satanic Sluts. Yet she claims Brand’s jokes have damaged her public image and hurt her feelings. Oh please!”

As if only ‘innocent convent girls’ have a right to not have their sex lives made the butt of crude jokes on national radio. As if by having sex with a man a woman consents to allow him to use that fact to publicly bully and humiliate her. As if working as a burlesque dancer somehow disqualifies you from legal protection against harassment. As if…

Do I really need to go on? It’s rape talk, pure and simple. It is exactly the same ideology and syntax men always use to justify sexual violence. She wasn’t a virgin. She was asking for it. She had sex with my friend first. She was a stripper/hooker/burlesque dancer. She must have wanted it. She had sex with me before so what’s she complaining about now?

What really turns my stomach is that the man writing is notorifamous gay activist Peter Tatchell. Who, in the same column: “Why don’t they kick up a fuss when the BBC gives airtime to religious fundamentalists who oppose equal rights for women, gay people and non-believers?”

Tell me, Pete, how exactly is your rape-apologist defence of Brand and Ross advancing equal rights for women?

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