Vote Obama! Time for Hope and Change

Posted by Irresponsibility

That's 'Mr President' to you...

That's 'Mr President' to you...

Election 2008 feels like it’s been going on since at least 2005. I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is it; that within the next 36 hours the whole mad circus will start packing up, the bigtop will flutter to the ground, the elephants and donkeys and lions and dancing seals will go back in their cages and the clowns will shuffle off.

Well, not quite (clowns are never unemployed in Washington). Yet I have the same butterfly mix of anticipation and preemptive nostalgia I get on New Year’s Eve: delight at the big party and fresh start to come combined with a wistful sense that something good has slipped irrevocably into the past. This is the iconic American election, our chance to claw back our dignity and have the millennial fresh start denied to us by 2000 Supreme Court coup.

I haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted to for Barack Obama. A donation here, a blog post there and my vote. But I am grateful for the passion and energy of everyone who has worked on his historic campaign. They’ve brought us closer to the brink of hope than we’ve been in a long time.

Cheers! Here’s to tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Vote Obama! Time for Hope and Change

  1. it feels like the night before when we got rid of the tories after 18 years and labour came in

    i really hope that that is where the similarity ends 🙂

  2. Change to what? Communism. I love my country the way it is. I prefer to keep my wealth and spread it to the people that I choose to help. You can keep the change.

  3. “Forces of right and justice?” How just is it to take my hard earned money and give it to others? So you must think the U.S. is as bad as Nazi Germany and that Obama is going to be President of the U.S. of KKKA.

  4. it’s called taxes, buddy. everyone pays them.
    that’s how you get streetlights, and running water and all that good shit. unless, of course, you want to spend your ‘hard earned money’ (just what is it you do exactly?) to build your own power grid, roads, etc

    in which case, i take back everything i said and you’re welcome to your own little empire. just don’t come crying when you need someone to carry away the rotting piles of garbage by your front door…

  5. Do you think that would all stop without a tax hike? Is 36% to little to pay or do we need 39%? Don’t cry when your job is shipped overseas where the taxes are lower and you are unemployed/

  6. Too late. I’m self-employed and live in Europe. So I guess that counts as ‘shipping my job overseas.’

    Incidentally, the taxes are higher here but we get cool stuff like amazing free health care and good public transport.

  7. What is it with you Americans and your OBSESSION with Communism. If you didn’t notice, the iron curtain came down in 1991. We’re now in 2008 – are you still wheeling this scaremongering out in the name of American nationalism?

    When did a forward thinking, articulate Democatic candidate become a communist? Because he doesn’t want to string up homosexuals in their masses and deems the Iraq war as a crime against humanity? Or is it because he can (unlike your Republican clowns) actually string a sentence together?

    This election isn’t just about America. It’s about the rest of the world. We’ve had to put up with years and years of your fool-of-a-president f***ing things up in the name of your precious “nationalism.”

    When are you going to start to see the ends of your own noses? Or are you going to keep invading Muslim countries in the farcical name of “freedom”? Since when does a person pay for their right for freedom? Are the thousands of homeless black Americans in New Orleans paying for theirs?

    And as for your ridiculous comments about “keeping the wealth.” The British NHS saved my life when I had cancer at the age of 19. If we stuck to your plan, I either A) wouldn’t be here or…B) my parents would now be homeless after footing the bill. What price would you put on a human life Preservethe public?

    How about preserving human dignity? How about preserving the greater good?

    Barack Obama for president!!!

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  9. Preservetherepublic: What has the economic crisis got to do with anything I commented on previously?

    Yes, the world is facing economic crisis. Do I trust this economic crisis in the hands of the Republicans? No.

    How much money have they wasted pummelling money into the Iraq war for starters? A war that had nothing to do with inhumane dictatorship and everything to do with your own selfish greed for oil.

    And have you guys forgotten about Afghanistan? Another Muslim country you senselessly invaded in the name of Republican nationalism.

  10. Ah yes, that economic crisis borne from those lovely softly-softly regulated US Institutions. The repackaged and commoditised debt that was so nicely created to redistribute amongst the globe by those lovely people at JP Morgan. That poisoned the financial system. I’m pretty sure the Republicans were on the watch for that one. Well, that and the lending of credit to those patently unable to repay it. But hey, it was boom time, what could go wrong? Oh…

    Funnily enough, we’re caught up in a lot of this as we deemed to follow suit, though our sub-prime market was a fraction of the USA’s, we still feel the shockwaves. American must be proud of its global influence.

    But I think we were talking about communism, weren’t we? If you really are from the good old US of A then you must’ve had your head in the sand for the last eight years to think that more of the same is the way forward. $100bn a month on an unjust war?

    They say the voters get what they deserve. Hopefully tonight, so will you. And that will be a leader fit to call himself commander in cheif in Barack Obama.

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