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Some asshat who shall remain nameless and unlinked-to had the temerity to spam my post on the welcome (and long overdue) liberalisation of Spanish abortion law with links to a picture of an “aborted foetus”.

I skimmed this lunkheaded’s blog and discovered he thinks the BNP is unfairly maligned, bemoans “sexism against men” and supports state-sanctioned child abuse. (Apparently his deep concern for children’s well-being ends at birth.)

To borrow a phrase from The Big Lebowski: This aggression will not stand.

I’ll only say this once: Irresponsibility’s non-negotiable comments policy is as follows…
Differences of opinion, thoughtful detractors and all proponents of civilised, rational discourse are welcome. Woman-haters, child-haters, race-haters and haters in general can crawl back under their fucking rocks and stay there. I’m the one who decides which is which.

Thank you and goodnight.

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