Ohio Approves Guns In Restaurants and Bars

One of my favourite things about America is the way that, just when I think it can’t possibly be more ludicrous, news like this comes along: The Republican-dominated Ohio Senate passed a bill 25-7 Wednesday to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons into bars, restaurants, and open-air sports stadiums serving alcohol.

Don’t worry though, it’s completely safe because if you’re carrying a gun you aren’t supposed to drink. I can picture the gun-lovers, getting ready for a night out, thinking: “I know what, I’ll go to the bar, but instead of having a few beers, I’ll take my gun for company.” Odd, no? As Sen. Charleta Tavares, a Columbus Democrat, pointed out, even if the pistol-packers aren’t drinking, adding a weapon to a bar environment is a bad idea. “When you mix alcohol and weapons it’s a dangerous — and can be deadly — combination,”

The Ohio Senate also passed a bill that would give people with certain criminal convictions the right to own guns again. Felons already lose the right to vote — it would be mean to take their guns away too!

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