Vaginas – the World’s Biggest Health Hazard

Posted by Irresponsibility

Possessing a vagina is risky business. A quick skim of the news headlines shows that in Pakistan it will get you flogged, in Afghanistan it gives your husband permission to rape you and if you’re anywhere in Africa it makes you a walking target for HIV. Yippee.

Contrary to what “post-feminists” and MRAs think, this isn’t just a ‘developing nations’ problem. Violence against women is endemic right here in the First World (lucky us). I was googling ‘Britney Spears court reports’ and came across three stories on an LA news site. No link, apart from the fact they’re all about horrible crimes committed against people who had the temerity to be born without penises.

First: Man arrested for murder after his 74-year-old year ex-wife is found strangled in her home.

Second: Man arrives at nursing home with a gun, looking for his estranged wife. Murders eight.

Third: Man stabs to death his 17-year-old and five-year-old sisters, police turn up in time to save nine-year-old sister.

If only there were something sarky I could say that would make this less depressing and horrible, but there isn’t.

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