New UK Squatter Law Makes it a Crime to be Poor

Just in case I was in any doubt about where I would rather live:

The UK has just made squatting a crime punishable by six months in prison, which is nothing less than criminalising poverty.

Spain, on the other hand, has just agreed to freeze evictions of the most vulnerable, following two suicides of distraught home-owners.

4 thoughts on “New UK Squatter Law Makes it a Crime to be Poor

  1. Yes. It’s relatively good news. Although in the Spanish case, I’m still waiting to see what the banking association’s definition of extreme hardship is. Anyway, it’s great to see that this move has come before the winter/at the start of winter. Otherwise, the situation could have gotten a whole lot worse.

    • How they define ‘extreme hardship’ will be critically important, but at least the will is there to treat cases on an individual, human basis rather than just making it a crime to not be able to pay rent.

      • I agree. Totally. Especially since there are literally hundreds of thousands of empty homes in Spain as well since the boom! And I think there are is a lot of genuine within the banking industry for those evictions to end in the banking industry. But the cynical side or me says the banks were forced into a corner by events and massive anger against them

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