Al-Jazeera Reports Increased Media Freedom in Burma

From Al-Jazeera

Myanmar is our first port of call. Times are changing – when parliamentary elections were held there on April 1 this year, not only were local and foreign journalists allowed to cover the story but opposition symbol Aung San Suu Kyi’s by-election victory was actually announced on state-owned television. Since then, local media are no longer pre-censored and exiled news outlets are going back home. But there is still some way to go before Myanmar can claim that its media have been completely unshackled.

In late September the Myanmar government formed a provisional press council, composed of members of the Myanmar Writers Association, Myanmar Journalist Association, Myanmar Printing and Publishing Entrepreneurs Association, Myanmar Publishers Association, Myanmar Press Union, and Myanmar Journalists Network.

As reported in the Global Times:

“The reformation of the provisional press council also came more than three weeks after domestic media publication control was totally liberalized, cancelling prior official scrutiny as previously done.

The media liberalization under the fifth phase covers 86 journals, 55 magazines, books, calendars, post cards, formal messages, manuscripts of music and songs, and embassy publications”

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