Sikh Temple Shooting – Domestic Terrorism?

I flippantly suggested that random violence is only “domestic terrorism” if the perpetrator is wearing a turban. I was wrong. It’s domestic terrorism if anyone involved is wearing a turban.

Wade Michael Page’s murder spree at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is apparently “domestic terrorism” because of his white power-referencing tattoos. That definitely makes him a homicidal racist asshole but how, exactly, does it make this “domestic terrorism”? It is terrifying all right. Tragic. A vicious hate crime. But damned if I can see any difference between this and the Denver Batman Shooting bar the turban thing.

Associating the Sikh community with the word “terrorism” does it no favours. They already put up with plenty of ignorant mo’fos — exactly the kind of idiots who will see the word “terrorism” in a headline above a picture of a man with a beard and turban and read no further.

The killings were a hate crime. Let us acknowledge that with sorrow and empathy and leave aside the stupid, pointless tag of “terrorism”.

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