Drugs On The Internet

I love the smell of a moral panic in the morning. It smells like… British journalism. Some bright spark at the BBC recently discovered that – oh my – maybe some people use the interweb for more than just Facebook. Naughty people like “American student, David” can allegedly buy drugs online. The BBC investigative team went all out on this one and actually “spoke online with a number of anonymous dark web users”. Who were most definitely not bored tech heads fucking with middle-aged journos who think Twitter is scary cutting-edge.

Cynics take heed: Team BBC came up with some hard evidence. They actually BOUGHT A DRUG online. Not crack, smack, or even a bit of good old-fashioned puff, but DMT, aka dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring psychedelic used in South American tribal rituals. After a three-week wait the intrepid BBC squad received a package from Spain containing a smidge of DMT. As far as I can determine DMT is not illegal in Spain so basically the BBC just proved that you can buy stuff online. That is some heavy investigative shit.

Apparently you can get guns too, though the Beeb doesn’t offer any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, in that regard. Maybe Mr Investigator just stumbled on the Walmart website and got excited.

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