Bald Absurdities

Over dinner my mother started talking about ‘donating’ her hair. When I chuckled at this bizarre joke she looked blank. Eventually we got the communication knot untangled and it transpires there is a charity industry dedicated to soliciting donations of hair to make wigs for child cancer patients and underage alopecia sufferers. Midway through mom’s explanation my jaw muscles gave way. “You’re kidding, right?”


The American government spends $15 billion a year fighting a breathtakingly pointless “war on drug” and hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out idiot banks. But kids with cancer have to hustle for hair. Seriously. And the USA calls itself a superpower.

A country that invests more in murdering the citizens of other nations than it does in caring for its own children isn’t a civilisation, it’s an embarrassment.

Locks of Love
Wigs for Kids

One thought on “Bald Absurdities

  1. I totally agree; you start to question the Governments , and the worlds’, priorities. If you’re ever interested, I would check out, for practical solutions to our worldy issues. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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