Anti-Street Harassment Campaign

Follow up to Objectifiable Me.

Support the good work of the UK Anti-Street Harassment Campaign (ASH).

About the UK A.S.H. Campaign

Beginning life as the London Anti Street Harassment Campaign, ASH is a collective of UK volunteers who have all experienced street harassment.

Whether it’s on our way to work, school, to the supermarket or on a night out, we know that women are subject to street harassment, many feeling intimidated, offended and/or afraid.

Sometimes the perpetrators think they are being complimentary, and unwittingly cause the woman in question distress. But more often than not, the perpetrators deliberately intimidate and offend women – often simply to get a laugh from their mates. Unfortunately, many women are told that this harassment is a fact of life, to ignore it, or to take it as a compliment!

We don’t think this is fair. First and foremost, it’s a matter of personal safety. Secondly, it’s a matter of respect for women.

This campaign aims to highlight the issue of street harassment, open it up to public debate and to educate both men and women. We’d like men to understand the negative impact of their actions, and women to politely but firmly stand up for themselves.

We believe it needs to become socially unacceptable for a woman to be harassed in the street – you can read our specific campaign aims here.


One thought on “Anti-Street Harassment Campaign

  1. I think, it is very culture specific.
    I would find much more harassed in a country like the U.K. by machos looking away from everybody on the street, who pretend seriousness during they create an environment based on cold profit, as from some workers repairing a street whistling when I pass by, and can react straightforward myself to it.
    I dislike those abusing a situation like an overcrowded metro , but they might experience a fast response. I am slightly irritated of a society who wants to control each emotions in the name of some hypothetical victimisation. I don’t feel unable to react to stupidity myself, and I can make the difference between idiots and playful guys.

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