Rape – A Modest Proposal

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Britain’s six-percent rape conviction rate is the lowest in Europe, which suggests it is time for fresh thinking. Step forward the Crown Prosecution Service which, in a rape case reported in the Guardian, has daringly redefined the issue.

The case revolves involves “Sarah” who, after years of abuse, reported her husband for rape. She retracted her statement, however, after he used their two young children to manipulate her. The CPS set aside its ‘Policy for Prosecution’ guidelines — which stipulate the decision to prosecution be decided by “public interest” and with regard to possible pressure or intimidation of the victim — and cut boldly to the heart of the matter by dropping the charges against the rapist husband and successfully prosecuting Sarah for changing her statement.

Harsh? Look at it this way: women have had centuries to learn the rules of rape. We know the only kind of rape victim who’s of any use to the CPS is a teetotal virgin in a muumuu. We know that a good rape victimes doesn’t drink, take drugs, kiss, flirt, wear skimpy clothes, have consensual sex, share sexual fantasies, or meet people online. Nor does she walk through parks, alleys, or certain neighbourhoods on her own. If a woman is raped, it needs to be violent; there should be a weapon, preferably wielded by a stranger. She should have lacerations, brusing, broken teeth, defensive injuries and blood-and-seman stained clothes to offer the police. The rapist should not be her husband, boyfriend, acquaintance, or relative; or a footballer or famous film director.

If women want to be taken seriously as rape victims we need to get with the programme. No more brazenly walking around like we’re entitled to not be raped. No more getting our proverbial knickers in a twist every time the courts let off an alleged rapist because the victim was drunk, or unconscious, or had met him before. More than half the British public believes that rape victims are at least partly to blame for being attacked, which means the new CPS “prosecute the victim” approach is good, old-fashioned democracy in action.

Just think of all the time and money to be saved if women were prosecuted for being the wrong kind of rape victim! And with only bona-fide wounded virgins allowed to bring charges the rape conviction rate would more accurately reflect Britain’s beliefs about sexual violence.

One thought on “Rape – A Modest Proposal

  1. Under the fine UK society mannerist crust, is the ragging anger of class division and an old fashion concept of gender “values” in all classes.

    I think that fast psychological units on demand, instead of “end of disastrous situations” would prevent a lot of violence by helping ALL involved to understand “what going on!” in family crisis.
    Police&justice can not “solve” social issues , resulting into rage outburst and weak dominance behaviour acting out violence. Filling prisons is not truly social caring creativity, only temporary postponement of problems.

    I am not willing to consider violence as detached from interactive processes.
    A macho society who blames the testosterone “losers” who get “mad” and worships those who “succeed” has to be consider as whole as testosterone addictive problem.

    I have meet “weird violent people” in my life, some with guns , some with knifes, some with stupid words, some with arrogant posturing, and up to now I found ways how to handle them without ending as victim in situation who might have easy slip into such an outcome. But I don’t say it can not happen. I simply question a certain clichĂ© assuming that we, as women are by definition victims of circumstances.

    Much courage to all humans trying to elaborate more intelligent ways of communication.

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