Fees Hike to Deter Poorer Students

Posted by Irresponsibility

Today’s bulletin from the department of the obvious: a poll shows that “only 55% [of young people from households where neither parent works] are prepared to pay fees of £5,000, and just 35% would pay £7,000.”

The proposed tuition hike is nothing in the social realm of Cameron, et al — they pay more than that in nursery fees, undoubtedly. But to young people who have absolutely no financial support from their family it is a huge amount of money. They are right to be reluctant to undertake that level of debt in pursuit of a degree which, if the current graduate unemployment rate is anything to go by, guarantees them absolutely nothing in terms of getting or keeping a job.

Excluding the poor is not an unfortunate side-effect, it is the whole point of the tuition hike. Like the rest of the Tory’s evil schemes, raising tuition is nothing to do with the budget, teaching standards, university funding, etc: it’s social engineering, pure and simple. Fearful of losing their undeserved privilege, the Tories are pricing the clever poor out of higher education to clear the path for their silver-spoon tots. As an added benefit, the minority of poor students who do tackle university will start their adult lives so crippled by debt they’ll be forced to take whatever jobs are available, on whatever terms they are offered — a nifty way of undercutting workers’ rights while enshrining corporate power.

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