Britain Reinstates Slavery

Posted by Irresponsibility

“Didn’t Britain abolish slavery in the 1700s?”

Britain abolished slavery in 1833 and is set to reinstate it in 2010. Only this time they’re calling it ‘benefit reform’. Practically speaking, however, there is no difference between the statements: “jobless required to do unpaid community work” and “blacks required to do unpaid work.”

Forcing people to work against their will, without due recompense, respect or recourse, is slavery. It is a crime and a sin. The arguments used to support this foul usurption of human rights haven’t changed in two centuries: they’re not like us, they’re less than human, they don’t deserve the same consideration as upstanding (white/employed) members of society, they are only fit to do the work we won’t do. Condemning people to lives of degradation because they’re on the dole, instead of because of the colour of their skin, is not social progress, it is barbarism.

Forcing people to work, on pain of being cut off from their means of survival, would be cruel and absurd in any circumstance. In an economy where even graduate unemployment is at a 17-year high it is simple brutality.

2 thoughts on “Britain Reinstates Slavery

  1. Unconsciously they push the disdain up to a kicking revolt back slap “luxury size”.
    They wake up a sleepy middle class who thought to be on the safe side of the fence.
    Who knows, The UK citizen might redempt for having allow neoliberalism to go so far.
    On the continent we had more than enough to hear…yeah, but it “works” on the Island so well!

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