Mel Gibson vs Oksana – All Her Fault?

Posted by Irresponsibility

All the rage

The effect of living backwards, the White Queen tells Alice, is, “it always makes one a little giddy at first.”

Or, in my case, enraged. Given the backwardness I encountered first thing this morning was a clip from “The View” – a sort of American “Loose Women” – in which host Whoopi Goldberg and her co-panelists discuss Mel Gibson. Rather, they discuss Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and mother of their 8-month-old daughter. The hook is a tape Grigorieva released of one of their phone calls. In it, she accuses Mel of hitting her, and hitting her while she was holding their daughter. “You’re acting as a crazy man…” she says. “You’re losing your mind, you need medication.”

To which Braveheart responds: “You need a fucking kick up the ass for being a bitch, cunt, gold digging whore.”

Astonishingly, the first comment from team “The View” was not what a vile man but rather: “It sounds like she’s reading a script.”

I spent a split second trying to cope with the mind-blowing irrelevance of this remark before my incredulity was compounded by co-host Sherri Shepherd charge into full-on character assassination – of Oksana.

“Now, I’m not defending Mel Gibson,” she says, and proceeds to do exactly that:

As a mother, if you’re saying your child’s life is in danger… the first call you should make is to the police… [robust applause] this is a child custody case… things get so blown out of proportion.

Whoopi chimes in with: “If someone hits you while you’re holding your child the first place you go is to the police. You don’t go to Radar Online. I’m sorry!” End of discussion.

As Alice said: “I don’t understand… It’s dreadfully confusing!”

In the “The View” opinion, endorsed by a cheering studio audience, the person to blame in this situation is not the violent, racist, abusive, obscenity-spitting, raging, assailant Mel Gibson but Oksana? I’d have thought the onus was on Mel Gibson to not batter his partner; not on his partner to avoid the battery.

But no; violence, like rape, is the woman’s fault. At the very least, the woman is obliged to try and prove that she didn’t do something to deserve it. The whole ugly mess calls to mind OJ Simpson, who hacked his ex-wife to death with a butcher knife and walked free but got banged up for attempted robbery. Because real violence against, you know, men is wrong and punishable by law. Abusing your girlfriend though? Yeah… well… shit happens. She should have done something to make him stop.

“No one will believe you!” Mel snarls at the end of the recording. That, I’m afraid, is probably true.

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