Britney Spears Child Abuse Allegations

Posted by Irresponsibility

An ex-bodyguard alleges he saw Britney hit her son(s?) with a belt. Tabloid hue and cry ensues. Now, I’m passionately opposed to any form of corporal punishment. If an adult pisses you off and you slap them, it’s assault and you can go to jail. But it’s okay to do it to a kid? Bullshit.

For the purposes of this discussion, however, that’s is beside the point. Because the story isn’t: “is Britney spanking her kids?” The story is: “why does something most American parents do, and endorse, suddenly become ‘child abuse’ when Britney Spears is said to have done it?” How does that work? And what does it say about us?

First things first: right or wrong, corporal punishment is unambiguously legal in America. Hell, this is a country that executes minors. They don’t give a damn if you’re just smacking them around.

Second: Britney Spears already lost custody of her kids once, and is currently the most closely supervised woman on the planet (probably). Even if she were inclined to spank her kids, which is unlikely, there are people on her case 24/7 and she would never be allowed to. And isn’t it interesting that the bodyguard didn’t prevent the alleged ‘abuse’ — just ratted to the tabloids later?

Third: It’s absolutely certain that Britney regularly witnessed abuse and violence, and was probably on the receiving end of it as a kid. Her “conservator” father Jamie is an alcoholic and mother Lynne writes about their “knock-down, drag-out fights” and other sources report him pulling guns and knives during arguments.

Fourth: Britney had zero positive parenting role models. By the time she Sean Preston’s age she was being being pushed on stage to sing and dance. She barely went to school. By the time she was nine she was supporting her whole family with her Mickey Mouse Club wages.

Britters never had the slightest chance of a normal life. Yet the media turns on her like rabid hounds at the slightest hint of imperfection. If this is a story about child abuse at all, it’s a story about how America ganged up on a hapless teenage girl from Louisiana and demanded she be a living doll. Then, in an unholy alliance with the courts and the media, systematically destroyed her when she ceased to fulfill our fantasies.

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