Boycott BP – Because Something is Better than Nothing

Posted by Irresponsibility

Fight the power

New York Times Money columnist Ron Lieber may be a very nice man, but his “don’t boycott BP” column is the work of a supercilious arsehole. He does not, of course, come right out and say “don’t boycott BP”. What he says is:

[BP] owns only a handful of the 11,000 stations that bear its brand and is trying to sell the few still on its books. So those who wish to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the company are instead putting much of the hurt on the family businesses who actually own the stations.

Get that? Not only are would-be protesters ignorant (duh! the stations aren’t even owned by BP, you big dummy!) Worse, they are pointlessly attacking that most sacred of American cows – the “family business.”

“Does [advocacy organisation] Public Citizen truly believe that the spill’s environmental damage and the resulting economic pain justify its attempts to starve service station owners of revenue?” Lieber snipes. Then spends several paragraphs illustrating how customers of non-BP stations may be getting fuel that originates from BP supplies. Interesting, but hardly apropos. Surely the one thing consumers do know is that the petrol in BP branded stations definitely originates with the company. By my reckoning an imperfect boycott is better than no boycott at all, but Lieber doesn’t see it that way. His parting shot:

People who still need a short-term hit of righteousness may continue to avoid filling up at BP stations. But … the next morning, all of those drivers ought to go shopping for a hybrid.

Because driving a conventional car is a way bigger environmental crime than dumping millions of gallons of oil into the gulf.

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