Teen Pregnancy – the real Mum Crisis

Posted by Irresponsibilty

Buried beneath the headlines about aging mums is the statistic that there are more than twice as many births to teen mothers as there are to women over 40. Despite the fact the under-20 birthrate has dropped and the over-40 birthrate has almost doubled there are still 25.4 births per 1000 women among teenagers, and just 12.9 births per 1000 among women over 40.

The media carping about aging mums not merely stupid, but mendacious. Far more women – girls, rather – are having children too young than are delaying motherhood past the mooted ideal age. Instead of banging on about the wrong-headedness of women choosing to wait a few years, the media and medical community should devote their attention to figuring out why so many women don’t. And to discussing the very real risks teen pregnancies pose to both mother and child.

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