Healthcare Reform – Your Money or Your Life Pt 3

Posted by Irresponsiblity

Your money or your Life

After four months in the States I’ve settled into a Stockholm Syndrome-esque lull. Sedated by carbs, cheap wine, and the low-level depression you only get from going without sunlight for a third of a year, I’ve caught myself thinking hey, it’s not so bad here. Then I accidentally hit on a New York Times article about “healthcare reform” and turn into a frothing rage-monkey.

This was the first dynamite paragraph that blew my mind like it was a cheap safe.

Ms. Ignagni [president of America’s Health Insurance Plans] said, the bill would require most people to have insurance but would impose minimal penalties on those who flout the requirement. As a result, she said, many people would decide not to buy insurance until they got sick, and under the bill, insurers could not turn them down or charge them more.

I had to read it back twice to check the bolt of sheer fury hadn’t fused my retinas. The fact the US Government’s ‘plan’ is to force people to purchase private health insurance is already a moral disgrace of staggering proportions. As previously discussed, it isn’t that people don’t buy health insurance because they don’t want to, it’s because they can’t afford it. This takes the insanity a giant step further. As if having the government forcing struggling citizens to line their deep pockets isn’t enough, the insurance industry has the brass balls to complain the plan stops them refusing coverage to the sick, or holding them up for exorbitant fees. Sweet baby Jesus. Here I was thinking the job of health insurers was to, you know, provide health insurance. Easy mistake to make but no. Apparently their avowed purpose, as publically stated before God, Obama and the journalists of the New York Times, is to rinse as much cash as possible out of the assembled American public while providing as few healthcare services as possible. It’s breathtaking and vomit-inducing at the same time.

This being la-la land, it gets better. Among the other provisions in Obama’s laughably inadequate bill is one that would allow federal oversight of insurance premium increases, giving the government a chance to block rate jumps such as a proposed 25-39% hike by Blue Cross in California. The insurers are having none of this effrontery, nor is the NYT which refers to the “solvency of insurers” as “the ultimate consumer protection.” Really? There I was thinking the ultimate consumer protection is free universal healthcare. There must be something I missed. Oh. Here it is:

Sandy Praeger of Kansas, one of several insurance commissioners who met with Mr. Obama at the White House last week, said: “From a consumer protection standpoint, the most important thing we do is ensure the solvency of companies. …

“You are not necessarily helping the consumer if you keep rates artificially low. What’s worse for the consumer: having a premium increase or having to pay the full amount of a medical expense because the company is out of business?”

Here’s a thought you greedy motherfucker: What’s worse for the consumer is being held up by for-profit insurance companies who are aided and abetted in their quest for the almighty dollar by the spineless US Government. It makes me furious on behalf of the millions who have no choice but “your money, or your life”. It also makes me furious with them. How long do you have to be fucked over by a system before you stand up and say: enough?

Seriously. Fuck healthcare reform. There are way more uninsured in America than there are doctors, or insurance company stooges. Make some signs. Have some sit-ins. March into your nearest ER and shut it down. Or blow it up. Anything. It can’t get any worse. Even if it could, what kind of jellyfish-begotten fools allow themselves to be treated in this fashion?

Henry David Thoreau had it right:

When I meet a government which says to me, ‘your money or your life,’ why should I be in haste to give it my money?

The insurance companies don’t care if you live or die, and apparently the government doesn’t either. They just want to make sure you go to your grave with empty pockets.

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