Southwestern Company in Violation of US Laws

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Nothing quite like rank worker exploitation in the name of character development — a specialty of the mind-boggling corporate evil known as the Southwestern Company. This erstwhile Bible-sales corporation is in fact a finely honed exploitation machine, using vulnerable students — especially immigrants — to line the pockets of a bunch of greasy fatcats.

The Salem-News expose of the Southwestern Company is a great place to start, but there is abundant other evidence of their illegal and immoral practices. The Southwestern Company exploits student labour including recruits from the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, in a marketing racket that makes millions for the corporation while abusing its workers. Multiple websites and links document the company’s behaviour, including Southwestern Company Truth whose testimonials from former employees make disturbing reading. One alum writes:

The “experience” nearly destroyed me.

Another former Southwestern worker testifies:

There is little time to eat during the day. …My hair fell out in chunks, my skin was constantly blemished, I developed ticks and twitches in my eyes and muscles, I suffered from menstrual complications, and lost about 15 lbs within a time frame of about 7 weeks. You go to bed at about 12pm each night and wake up at 5:59 every morning. There is no “personal” time except for Sunday afternoons spent at a park with your Organization for no more than a couple hours. You loose all sense of self because you become a machine for the larger machine: the Southwestern Company. They present the facade that they care about your success; in reality, they just want their share of the profit from your hard work.

Another writes:

In my opinion – worse than being a scam the Southwestern Company is exploiting young college kids. Working them 80 hours a week while controlling their every move. This mode of labor is currently known as slavery or indentured servitude. Being independent contractors the kids have absolutely no rights, no minimum wage, no health insurance.

The documentation is extensive and unambigious. The Southwestern Company is a criminal organisation, fucking with the lives of kids desperate for opportunities and education. It is a disgrace. The sooner someone brings them down the better.

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