Hindu Sacrifice – A Bloody Disgrace?

Posted by Irresponsibility

There is nothing middle class white people like more than an whiff of pagan barbarism. Hindus slaughtering animals as part of a once-every-five-years ritual propitiation of the goddess Gadhimai fits the bill nicely. “Frightened calves galloped around in vain as the men, wearing red bandanas and armbands, pursued them and chopped off their heads,” the Guardian reports. Meanwhile the bloodthirsty hordes “Banned from entering the animal pen… scrambled up the three-metre walls to catch a glimpse of the carnage.”

The Guardian refers to this as “The world’s biggest animal sacrifice.” A curious claim given the UK slaughtered over 3 million animals in October 2009. That’s okay though, because we’re civilised people. If it were to appease the gods it would be weird. Eating the buggers is fine.

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