Rock ’n’ Rape: Where Michael Jackson Went Wrong

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¿Qué Fue Mal?
asks Rolling Stone Spain on page 55 of in its Michael Jackson tribute edition. What went wrong? Predictably, they focus on the accusations of sexual abuse by “a boy of 13 years.” This, we are invited to believe, was the problem. How could anyone possibly recover their popularity, their dignity, their claim to the pop throne, after something as horrible as an allegation of fondling a minor? Paedophilia is up there with puppy-torture as the unforgivable sin of our enlightened age, right?

Lori Maddox, age 13

Lori Maddox, age 13

Uh-uh. Jackson was stitched up not for (alleged) kiddie-fiddling but because he did it wrong – as Rolling Stone generously illustrates under the headline Esto es una Orgía (This is an Orgy! pp72). This tribute to the “legends… excesses, perversions, fantasies” of rock ’n’ roll begins with every rock journalist’s favourite rape anecdote – the Led Zepplin red snapper story. A side-splitting account of how the gang got together and inserted a fish into the vagina of 14-year-old Lori Maddox, who, RS chirpily notes “had a threesome with Bowie and his first wife, Angela, when she was just 13.”

That’s okay though: “In love, age isn’t important, much less in sex, especially when you’re talking about groupies,” the article continues, doffing its cap to Chuck Berry “especialista en meter la pata con menores” it winks (“specialist in screwing kids”). Child-pornographer R. Kelly gets a pat on the back for his videotaped degradation of underage girls: “a worthy successor to grandpa Chuck,” RS leers.

Simple really. Raping children is fine, as long as they are female, and you call them “groupies”.

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