Nicolas Sarkozy and Why Men Shouldn’t Diet

Posted by Irresponsibility

So, French president Nicolas Sarkozy collapsed because he was on a “supermodel diet”. That’s what it says in Grazia anyway, so it must be true. Apparently the poor lamb felt “under huge pressure to look slim” next to his unfeasibly coltish wife, Carla Bruni so he was following what is (gasp!) “practically a crash diet, popular with models in the run-up to the shows.”

Quelle surprise it turns out living on 930 calories per day is pretty impossible. Sarkozy keeled over on a morning run. Cue a huge fuss, with doctors demanding he ditch the diet and rest, and irony-free women magazines columnists simpering “we rely on Frenchmen to maintain the tradition of food-loving, wine-quaffing, and indulging in sensual pleasures in general… food and drink and sex are inextricably linked and none of them should be rationed or diluted or wholesome.”

Self-loathing, semi-starvation, ridiculous exercise programs? Girl stuff. It reminds me of the aphorism about Ginger Rogers doing everything Fred Astaire did but “backwards, and in high heels.” Women do everything a man does, while consuming half the calories a human needs to live. And we’re the “weaker sex”?

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