Swine Flu – The Real Culprit, The Real Cure

Posted by Irresponsibility

Media, governments and health experts are catagorically avoiding the real issue with swine flu. It isn’t the flu we should worry about. It’s the factory farms, stupid.

There is an excellent to-the-point article in the Guardian detailing how intensive pig farming caused the mutant flu virus. It should not come as news that “genetically improved” animals, bred in the millions and stuffed full of antibiotics and vaccines are fetid breeding grounds for new diseases. Christ knows, pigs are repulsive enough creatures in their ones and twos, much less a battery farms worth of them (as Jules said in Pulp FictionI don’t eat filthy animals… sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That’s a filthy animal“).

More repugnant still is the meat industry itself, a sick monopoly — four companies control about 85% of US production — built on greedy and cruelty. Meat packing is filthy, brutally hard, dangerous work. Human Rights Watch conducted a study of which concluded there are “are systematic human rights violations embedded in meat and poultry industry employment.” The reality of life on the “line” makes harrowing reading: exhausted, harried workers using heavy machinery or sharp knives, dangers to themselves and others. The recruitment of immigrants who vulnerable to abuse, fearful of organising and hampered by language barriers means packing plants are nothing but vicious sweatshops with a thin veneer of legality.

Because the meat industry has money and power, and the people suffering don’t, the ugly reality of corporate meat is being suppressed in favour of conjuring pandemic hysteria. Forget face masks. If you’re worried about swine flu the first thing you should do is stop eating meat. The only way these corporate monsters will change their behaviour is if it costs them money, so it is time to banish bacon and bangers.

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