UK Government Scare Tactics – The Police State Cometh

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Civil liberties in Britain are turning to dust, and it’s going to get worse.

Britain’s most senior police officer with responsibility for public order raised the spectre of a return of the riots of the 1980s, with people who have lost their jobs, homes or savings becoming “footsoldiers” in a wave of potentially violent mass protests.

Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police’s public order branch, told the Guardian that middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year.

Hartshorn’s remarks are so aggressive, so fascist, it’s almost as if he’s forgotten Britain purports to be a liberal democracy.

Intelligence reports suggest that “known activists” are also returning to the streets, and police claim they will foment unrest. Hartshorn said… “It means that where we would possibly look at certain events and say, ‘yes there’ll be a lot of people there, there’ll be a lot of banner waving, but generally it will be peaceful’, [now] we have to make sure these elements don’t come out and hijack that event and turn that into disorder.”

In other words, the police will strike fast and strike hard at anyone who dares publicly question whatever foul nonsense the government plunges Britain into next. The citizenry has been warned. The jackboots are being laced, the Tasers bulk-ordered. They didn’t hesitate to put seven hollow-point bullets in Jean Charles de Menezes head, they definitely won’t hesitate to put their foot on your neck. If you have a chance to take a long, long holiday away from Britain, I’d recommend you do so now.

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