US Health Care Plan – Your Money or Your Life, pt 2

Posted by Irresponsibility

Health care industry power brokers are gathering in Washington to discuss the future of the US health care system. Actually, that is a completely inaccurate statment. The US doesn’t have a health care system. What it has is a shoddy, capitalist assembly of rich, morally bankrupt assholes who operate on the premise that individual human life is only worth as much as you’re willing to pay.

In this “system” the working poor, the non-working poor, children, old people, young people, black people, Native Americans, immigrants and anyone who has a history of serious or chronic illness, is viewed as a space-wasting hunk of meat that should do the decent thing and step aside for their (white, middle class) profit generating betters.

This foul insult to human dignity faces the prospect of having to appear to clean up its act, at least a little, on the Obama watch. The minions of darkness have gathered to see how “change” can best be achieved without giving up any of their sacrosanct privileges.

To this end:

Many of the parties, from big insurance companies to lobbyists for consumers, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, are embracing the idea that comprehensive health care legislation should include a requirement that every American carry insurance.”

Read that carefully. They are NOT saying that every American is entitled to health care (all men are created equal only as long as they can afford the HMO bill) but that every American be required to have insurance. As if the problem is that Americans simply refuse to buy health insurance like good, responsible, middle-class white folk do. Don’t worry, though, corporate health care is taking steps to address this:

The ideas discussed include a proposal to penalize people who fail to comply with the ‘individual obligation’ to have insurance. ‘There seems to be a sense of the room that some form of tax penalty is an effective means to enforce such an obligation.’

Gosh geez whiz. Thank goodness for that. I was getting itchy just thinking about all those feckless single mothers, gay divorcees and frolicking retirees who refuse to do their civic duty and pay (money they don’t have) for health insurance. It’s about time someone did something about it. And how terribly clever of the health industry to come up with a propopsal whereby the government will punish people for not buying their product.

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2 thoughts on “US Health Care Plan – Your Money or Your Life, pt 2

  1. How about those “middle class white folks” who’ve been laid off and can’t afford COBRA and are denied health insurance by a new employer and private insurance. And are not sick.

    I found you because of my blog and my irateness at Obama’s comment that he may go along with this. Did he and Congress drink the water at AIG or what?

    I joined AARP on my 50th birthday and was turned down for health insurance. I’m still 50 and haven’t even taken an aspirin this year. A couple of allergy pills because the trees are murder in our new locale….

    p.s. Please send your comments on this to public officials and … I may have another source.

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