‘Does Rihanna have Herpes?’ or ‘Sleaze-marketing 101’

Posted by Irresponsibilty



Sometimes, I can hardly find the words. Like when some scumsuckinig snakeoil shiller takes advantage of Chris Brown smacking up Rihanna to try to A) allege she is is promiscuous and gave him herpes and B) shift some shitty ‘cure’ for the condition (herpes, not dating Chris Brown, sadly).

Rumors have it that [Rihanna] has Herpes and is hiding a cold sore. Maybe she cheated on Chris Brown and contracted Herpes and that’s why he wanted to hit her.”

Because in insaneland women who get battered by their partners must have done something to drive ’em to it.

In a cold-comfort way I am actually relieved that the story links repeated to a site touting an ‘all-natural cure’ for cold sores. At least the motives are half-mercenary, half-misogynist, as opposed to just being straight-up woman hating.

The majority of the pigshit-thick commentators on the blog appear to have missed this fine distinction, attacking Rihanna with a gusto Brown would surely admire.

They range from the libellous: “its wrong and horrible to hit a woman, but if I was Chris brown I would have hit her too, after finding out that I might have herpes because she cheated on me.”

To the hysterical: “Herpes is 1. PERMANANT! If you contracted Herpes from someone, admit it, you really would want to kick their tail!
2. IT’S DISGUSTING! If you found out someone cheated on you, got Herpes, and then came back and gave it to you, I don’t care how nice of a person you are, you’re going to want to do some damage to them.”

To the vaguely sinister: “rihanna ur a whore and ur wrong and just know that this might not be over someone is bound to hurt u.”

The only moral I can even begin to draw from this is that the world is an ugly place full of vile, stupid people and – oh god – what’s the use?

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