Jihadists Don’t Do Yoga and other At-Home Truths

Posted by Irresponsibility

Spending the whole day in bed is fun in some contexts. Being pole-axed by a combination of a bad cold and food poisoning isn’t one of them. It has, however, given me the time to see and observe a variety of interesting/distressing things I might not have otherwise.

This should be a spoof, but it’s on Fox Forum (close enough). A semi-literate monologue defending the record of the outgoing idiot-in-chief, lies under the heading Bush Will Be Vindicated, it concludes with this zingy riposte to the haters: “Americans are growing mature in this increasingly threatening environment. Deep down, a large segment of our society knows that the jihadists aren’t going to practice yoga.” Nope. I don’t know what that means either.

A post by a frustrated high school teacher wonders: “How could they have gone through at least 6 years of advanced tracking without learning how to think for themselves?” I didn’t realise there was anyone left who still believes American education is designed to encourage children to think.

I’m not even going to bother linking to the incoherent, hateful Elizabeth Wurtzel Guardian blog where she froths about how the real tragedy of Gaza is the ‘anti-semitism’ of all the nasty Euros who don’t understand how pouring white phosphorus on Palestinian children is essential to Israel’s national security.

Meanwhile, the television has been rumbling gently in the background. There is some dreadful comedy panel show called Mock The Week. Five men, one woman. She gets about 2% of the airtime.

Wife Swap is dull and stupid, much like the people who go on it, reinforcing pathetic notions of nuclear family-hood. Tonight’s episode saw a glamour model take on a family of half-a-dozen farm kids. She was beside herself with pride after introducing the wholesome kiddies to the consumerist thrills of Primark bangles and Happy Meals. Now that’s what I call liberation!

In the Hovis ad a the cute little boy runs through various scenes of 20th century Britain, loaf in hand. Women are hysterical suffragists, mums or mini-skirted dolly birds. The men march off heroically off to war, are Winston Churchill or bravely striking miners.

Don’t even get me started on the Glade advert where a smirking blond brat refuses to have a poo at home because his mum is using the ‘wrong’ air freshener.

Some of it’s maddening, some of it’s just weird. It’s all rather depressing.

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