Kerry Katona’s sexy new body – woman power, 21st century style

Posted by Irresponsibilty

Depending on which magazine headline you read Kerry ‘car crash’ Katona has lost 6stn (OK), 4stn (Star) or a mere 3stn (Closer) in an attempt to sexify herself in order to keep her philandering, freeloading, ‘alleged’ drug-dealer husband, Mark Croft, from sticking it elsewhere.

“I don’t hate myself anymore,” she burbles to Closer magazine, giddy with privilege of being able to carve up her flanks (“losing two litres of fat through lipo”) and half-starve herself in order to hang on to the incredible catch whose only discernible skill is knocking her up and spending her money on cars. But it’s okay: “she believes her new body will stop him straying.”

Hubby will undoubtedly be pleased. “He’s been encouraging her overhaul. He knows that she’ll get more work offers when she’s thinner.”

Don’t you just [heart] post-feminism?


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