Israel’s Genocide against Gaza must Stop

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I try to avoid the whole Israel-Palestine thing. Avoid thinking about it, avoid talking about it, avoid taking sides. The topic incites such ferocious animosity even my argument-loving self tends to shy away.

That time has passed though. There is no way anyone with a conscience can sit on the fence about this. Not when Israel has killed over 500 people in the Gaza Strip in the last nine days. Not when they’re bombing houses, mosques, cemeteries, markets and government buildings. Not when their fearsome armaments are rolling through the streets of crumpled little island of misery and despair. Not when Israel is blocking humanitarian aid and cheerfully condemning to death hundreds – potentially thousands – of innocent civilians.

Murdered children in Gaza

Murdered children in Gaza

There is only one word for this: genocide. Or if you wish to luxuriate in the awfulness of it, two words: ethnic cleansing. Israel is systematically annihilating Gaza’s Arab population as surely as if they were marching them into gas chambers. What does it matter if your family dies beneath a cloud of Zyklon B or is blasted to bits in an airstrike? Either way, your fucking family is dead and the horror and tragedy of it will live as long as anyone has memory.

It sits badly with me that Israel uses the tragedy of the Holocaust as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for its human rights abuses. This is a nation that since its inception has made a practice of state-sponsored terror as retribution. Understandably, there was little objection when the Mossad hunted down Nazi war criminals. However, there is no justification for the West giving Israel carte blanche to murder civilians.

Guilt and race-hatred are the only explanation for why Europe refuses to demand an instant and immediate ceasefire, for why they sit tamely while Israel starves and bombs its neighbours. The guilt is easily understood: casual European anti-Semitism led to massive collective indifference to the fate of the Jews under Nazism. If Hitler had satisfied himself with wiping out the Jews it’s unlikely anyone would have actively interfered. Europe went to war with Hitler to save its skin, not theirs.

The Final Solution was sufficiently monstrous that even dull-witted anti-Semites realised they had to make amends somehow. Dumping the Jews in a Middle Eastern ‘homeland’ was a convenient solution. It took the not-much-loved Jews safely out of Europe and made them someone else’s problem. Never mind their ‘historic’ claim to the land was at least a couple of millennia out of date, or that the Palestinians had no particular reason to welcome the Jewish invasion. Europe decreed it so Palestine could suck it.

This mendacious disregard for history boils down to race-hatred. Europe has always felt closer to the sons of Isaac than the children of Ishmael. The Arab peoples are truly foreign – having been driven out of mainland Europe several centuries ago – and no one appears to give a flying fuck what happens to them. Their skin is different, their language different, their religion different. They might as well be black.

The US position that Israel is entitled to “protect itself” is so absurd as to border on the hateful. For chrissake, I’m about as much threat to the continued existence of the nuclear-powered state of Israel as is the tiny, beleaguered, half-starved, corpse-strewn Gaza Strip. Israel is armed to the motherfucking teeth with the latest, most terrifying weaponry America can provide. Their incursion into Gaza Strip is equivalent to an adult turning a bazooka on the neighbour kid who hocked a pebble at him. It’s cruel, absurd, ugly and unjustifiable.

Israel, of all states, should understand the overwhelming impulse for survival; the deep psychological trauma of being singled out by race and religion for murderous hatred. Instead, they use the past as an excuse to commit atrocities. If they think history will judge their ethnic cleansing lightly, they’re wrong.

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