Gender Stereotyping from the Ground Up

Posted by Irresponsibility

My friend Ruth raised an excellent point when we were out running: why are women’s running shoes pink? Or, failing that, a suitably femme shade of lavender, baby blue or white?

Does society so fear the liberating power of female physical activity that it enforces gender stereotyping even in sportwear? Is it that shoe companies think we’ll get all gender-confused if we don’t have nice pink and white trainers to remind us we’re laydeez? Or do they assume that we’ll never train hard enough to dirty up the pretty pastels? (Unlike big, rugged men who get their shoes in shades in gray, black and olive.)

Whatever the reasoning, it is irksome. I’ve been running for 15 years. Ruth runs eight-mile hill loops for fun. There is nothing frivolous and girly about our love for the sport. Why can’t we get our favourite Saucony trainers in non-girly colours?

2 thoughts on “Gender Stereotyping from the Ground Up

  1. I am a male but I totally get your point of view. The issues you bring up apply to society as a whole but many would like to think that they only apply to women. I appreciate you advancing progressive ideas on your blog which is why I want to give you another award.

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