Quantum of Sex Appeal – Women in the new Bond

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I am not oblivious to the fact that being a radical feminist and rabid James Bond fan is about as congruous as being a Buddhist butcher. Nevertheless, I love Bond movies.

Especially since Daniel Craig took over from the oleaginous Pierce Brosnan (even his name sounds like a bad double entendre) and made Bond sexy, smart and dangerous. Finally, after all these decades of Roger Moore squeezed into bad suits and Brosnan leaving a trail of smug slime across the screen, a Bond you can imagine women actually panting to get into bed with. (Yes, I’m a Craig-worshipper. Not only does he look better in a suit than any man I’ve ever seen, ever but he comes across – off-screen – as a humane, grounded kind of guy.)

Still, I watched Quantum of Solace with one eye on his picturesquely rugged features and the other on how women fare.

Grande Dame

Grande Dame

There is definite improvement. In one scene M – the fabulous Dame Judi Dench – is at home in her dressing gown, applying moisturiser. So far, so ickily “feminine” but what struck me was how the camera lingered affectionately on Dench’s unmade-up, un-Botoxed, resolutely real-looking skin. Her face isn’t a flawless peach. You can see veins, darker blotches on her cheeks and bags under her eyes. It is a face befitting her age and dignity; a face often associated with heroes but rarely with heroines.

This cheered me, as did the broad burn scar on the back of Camille (Olga Kurylenko). It’s a movie-scar, not a real one, but for once at least a female character is allowed a blemish that makes her more interesting and attractive. On the whole, Camille fares better than the usual Bond anti-heroine. She still has to hike through the desert in a ballgown and barefeet while Bond gets to stride along, properly dressed and shod; and in the climactic scene she sheds her shirt to fight in a photogenically fitting white vest (Bond, by contrast, manages to remain fully clothed in his fight sequences) but at least she’s wearing combat trousers and baseball boots.

Combats rock

Combats rock

Best of all, Camille and James part with a simple kiss – one that conveys affection, compassion, gratitude and warmth, rather than just lust. Then she walks away, still in her grubby combat trousers, to whatever her own life holds.

It isn’t exactly the revolution, but it’s a hell of an improvement. I’m mildly optimistic that if the trend continues I’ll someday be able to sit down with a daughter and watch Bond moves with joyful, popcorn-gobbling, unguilty abandon.

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5 thoughts on “Quantum of Sex Appeal – Women in the new Bond

  1. I really like the new Bond film. I kinda hoped that they would have incorporated more of the classic Bond type stuff, but maybe they’ll do it in the next movie.

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    I’d really appreciate it.

  2. hopless romantics. There’s always gonna be those folks( \women) who can’t watch a movie without amagining the impossible. Daniel Craigs’ love interest are very far and nowhere close to most womens desires. But just like Roger Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, The Beatles, Kenny G, Bill Clinton for crying out loud. There just seems to be so many reason for women to go there. Were is “there”? To that majical, mistical, place that you go when you set your eyes on you desire. always dreaming, wondering, wishing, hoping for that “one” moment in your lives, when utoipa is finally realized, and yes you can finally exhale, and say: “if only I could do it once again”. Yes never satisfied, never expect to find true satisfication in sex, without romance she laments.

    Yes I hope you and your daughter can sit by the tel-le and enjoy a old classic “Quantum leap”. Thats what it amount to as I see it. Keep romancing the stone my love. If you can visualize it and get to that place that you fine joy. I say: right on!! My your popcorn always be hot and your enjoyment just as you want them to be.

  3. Not nearly as good as Casino Royale, but I’d guess there are always distractions… and they’re not bad for either sex this time.

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