Australia’s Ernies – Father of the Year Award just got easier

Posted by Irresponsibility

In Australia every year there is an all-woman awards show that hands out ‘Ernie’ awards for revoltingly sexist behaviour (presumably the spend the other 364.75 days of the year trying to whittle down the long list). Consciousness raising is important. Hurrah sisters.

Except for this:
“The good Ernie went to Wallaby [rugby] player Brendan Cannon, who said he didn’t want his daughter Phoebe growing up in a country where almost half of all women will be victims of physical violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime.”

Since when do men get awards for expressing the hope their daughters don’t get raped or beaten up?

Here, we learn that men aren’t obliged to care about women, ever. Not even their daughters. And that when they do condescend to express a non-hateful emotion it is up to us girlz to fawn at their size-12s out of gratitude at their magnanimity.

Excuse me. I think I’m going to be sick.

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