Election 2008: It’s Time for a Revolution

Posted by Irresponsibilty

We won’t start hearing solid election returns till 2AM tomorrow, local time, or later. Plenty of nail-biting hours left to hope, sweat and ponder the future of America with the leadership of Barack Obama.

One mistake we can’t make is thinking that it ends today, that once Obama is elected we can kick back and let the good times roll. Like as not there won’t be any good times. Obama is a human being, not a miracle worker; we can’t expect him to fix things.

It puts me to mind of poet Gil Scott Heron, who warned, You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out…

The election results will be televised. But that’s just the beginning. If we want a revolution, we’re going to have to switch off the box, step outside and make it happen.

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