Britney Spears’ dad gets ‘permanant control’ of her money

Posted by Irresponsibility

I am rarely rendered speechless. But mark your calendars my friends, today is such a day.

You may have noted my ongoing Britney fascination. The craziness, the suppression, the gross injustices. Now that she’s back looking strong and happy and beautiful comes the news that daddy Spears is in charge of her financial affairs forever.

Would you trust this man with his daughter?

Would you trust this man with your daughter?

That’s right. Apparently the world’s hottest female star. The woman who has more Guinness Book of World Records entries than most of us have Facebook friends is no longer in charge of her $60M+ estate because of the, “complexities of her financial and business entities and also potential for her being susceptible to influences.”

Hmmm. Complexities? Influences? Where I come from, that’s called life. And when you’re 18 you’re considered old enough to deal with it, for better or worse. Unless, of course, you have a beady-eyed, avaricious father waiting to pounce and take all those nasty complexities off your pretty little hands.

Is there anything I can say that’s not stating the monstrously obvious? She’s a 27-year-old mother of two, a grown woman and capable enough to record albums, shoot promotional videos, star in documentaries and take on a world tour. All of which sounds, well, complex. I guess it’s only the nasty, difficult business of minding her bank account that requires paternal supervision.

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