Laughter the best medicine – for domestic violence, apparently

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India Knight is worried about murderous male rage: “See also the extremes men now go to in order to punish their former wives or girlfriends: horrific news stories about fathers murdering their children and then killing themselves have become, if not quite commonplace, frequent enough to ring loud alarm bells,” she writes in her Times column.

I couldn’t agree more. Until she gets to the bit about who – or what – she thinks is responsible for this gruesome trend: women. That’s right. Not violent, hate-fuelled men who regard women and children as disposable property, but women. Apparently the root cause of this malevolence is: “men’s sense of being emasculated… a complaint that… needs to be addressed before it does considerable damage.”

Ah yes. That’s right. Fathers kill their children and husbands batter their wives not because they are terrible people but because it’s the only way they can show us uppity feminists they’re still real men. If it weren’t so alarmingly reductionist it would be almost funny. Because of course violence is the ultimate indicator of masculinity (just as whinging about being fat makes you “womanly,” in Knight’s world).

Knight goes on to suggest women need to stop thinking “that being a victim of sexism is one of the most terrible things that can befall a helpless woman (in fact, it really isn’t and we’re not helpless: there are many worse things than people making jokes about your bosoms, especially if the jokes are quite funny).”

“Underneath it all, women prefer manly men, even ones who make sexist jokes,” she writes. What she means is: maybe if we women flutter our eyelashes a bit more, and laugh along with men’s rubbish jokes, they won’t flip out and kill us quite as often.

Personally, I don’t find that funny.

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