Spanish ‘neo-con’ Aguirre re-elected president of Madrid – a bad day for liberal politics

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It’s good news/bad news on the Spanish politics front this week. Esperanza Aguirre – who is, among other things a Dame of the British Empire – was re-elected by not so much a landslide as an avalanche to the Presidency of the autonomous community of Madrid. Since becoming president in 2003 she has built “8 new hospitals, 87 new state schools (most of them bilingual)”. All schools in Spain are, in theory at least, bilingual, but let’s not get sidetracked.

Whether or not Aguirre is a master school-builder is of less interest to me than her rather worrying sloganeering. To wit: “Aguirre ha hecho una encendida defensa de la política basada en ‘valores y principios’ para derrotar a un presidente ‘empeñado en cambiar la manera de pensar de los españoles, nuestros gustos culturales e incluso nuestros valores morales’.

‘Siempre voy a llamar al pan, pan y al vino, vino; eso es lo que siempre he hecho y ahora lo voy a hacer más porque los españoles necesitan que los políticos hablamos claro,’ dijo la presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid que añadió que en una ‘sociedad esclava del pensamiento políticamente correcto, para mí es un deber moral ineludible decir claro qué es lo que me parece bien y lo que me parece mal.’”

Roughly: “Aguirre has made a robust defence of politics based on ‘principles and values’ to defeat a president who ‘wished to change the way the Spanish think, our beloved culture and our strong moral values.

I always call a spade a spade, that is what I have always done and I will do it more, now, because the Spanish need politicians who speak clearly… society is enslaved by politically correct thinking, and for me it is a moral duty to say clearly what I find good and what I find bad.’”

Some nice turns of phrase there, you’ll agree. But signifying what exactly? Any time a politician starts bleating about morals and values without specifying what or whose morals and values be afraid, be very afraid. Especially when they throw in that old right-wing whipping boy ‘political correctness’ – a phrase conservatives generally use to bash anything which encourages thinking outside of the ruling classes’ paradigmatical box.

And when Aguirre further says: “’los del PP estamos para defender unos valores y unos principios que comparten la gran mayoría de los españoles,’ entre los que citó dos. El primero la libertad. ‘No tenemos miedo a la libertad y nuestros adversarios sí’ it flat gives me the jitters.

“’We of the PP [right wing Partido Popular] defend the values and principles shared by the great majority of the Spanish.’ Among others… the first is liberty. ‘We aren’t afraid of freedom and our adversaries are,’” she says.

At least now we know whose values she’s going to bat for – the “great majority” (those whose values are already pretty thoroughly represented, I’d have thought). But it’s the ‘we aren’t afraid of freedom and our adversaries are’ bit that jars the most. It has that “axis of evil” ring about it. Shades of “if you’re not with us your against us.”

Since it’s still not clear what these exalted principles are which need defending I’ll stick with what I know. The ruling PSOE (socialist party) has – as previously noted – legalised same-sex marriage, pulled Spain out of the sickeningly immoral turkey-shoot in Iraq, worked hard to combat domestic violence and is currently working on liberalising abortions. If that’s what Aguirre is attacking as ‘political correctness’ I’ll have more of that, thanks, and less of her creepy neo-con speechifying.

Pues, digo eso: no tengo miedo de la libertad pero tengo mucho miedo de los politicos que hablan mucho pero nunca en concreto. Para mi, es mejor que tenemos politicos que hacen mas para la gente que dicen a la gente.

Y quieres ver y leer mas sobre Aguirre click aqui

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