Women in work: is equal pay fair?

Posted by irresponsibility

Generally, I try to avoid the demented ramblings of professional Republicans but dangle a headline like The Left’s Gender-Wage Lies in front of me and I will bite. And geez, I’m glad I did. Here I’ve been wasting precious time and energy being upset about the fact that whatever my work, somewhere a man doing the same job will be getting paid more. I always thought the ‘no penis’-tax was, you know, unfair.

Thank goodness for Ms Jessica Peck Corry, who graciously took the time out of her busy schedule of self-improvement (“after I put my kids to bed… I will head back to my computer. I will be studying toward [a] law degree”) to point out how silly I’m being.

Not that she argues there isn’t a wage gap. According to National Committee on Pay Equity statistics: “Women’s earnings [in the US] in 2006 were 76.9 percent of men’s, with the median full-time, year-round female employee earning just $32,515, compared to a median male earning of $42,261.”

But then, just as I’m taking a deep breath and preparing to activate rant mode Peck Corry spreads the healing balm of her wisdom on the troubled waters of my tiny, feminist mind. “The gap has very little, if anything, to do with discrimination. It has everything to do with choice…. Women earn less largely because we have the luxury of decisions that men generally can only dream of. We work less hours in the average work week, we are more likely to take time off to have kids or care for aging parents, and we choose lower paying fields requiring less formal education.”

Oh the radiant rainbow of understanding brightening my gloomy skies! (Who cares if there’s only a little, tiny pot of gold at the end?) I see how stupid I’ve been. How selfish women are, hogging all those lovely, menial, low-paying jobs like cleaning, child-minding, admin, teaching and nursing….

Those poor men: yearning to give up their careers to stay at home with the kids, or care for their elderly parents. It’s just so sad. Obviously only a concerted effort by the global feminist conspiracy is preventing men from demanding their rightful place at home so women can go and shoulder a fair share of the burden of high-wage work.

Come back Zandra, all is forgiven.

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