Women who hate women – why do men’s dirty work?

Posted by irresponsibility

This makes me so mad I want to spit. Not least because it’s from the Observer Woman magazine (italics mine) a peculiarly nasty piece of wishes-it-were-Tatler work that bleeds misogyny from every CMYK process page.

Since it started floating up, rotten corpse-like, through the bundle of Sunday newsprint that is the Observer I’ve noticed it devoting a lot more time and space to men and their concerns than to women. This month’s issue is no different. On the cover is a horrific looking creature with Annie Lennox hair and plastic skin peering past the coverline: Would you buy a new face from this man?

Shit, no. But it’s less the face that upsets me than the man bit. Why does the Observer assume that women do a little face-shopping over the Sunday supplements. Are they saying we’re all ugly?

It is designer Zandra Rhodes, sounding off in the hideous monthly ‘column’ What I know about men that makes me want to be sick, or throw something, or maybe throw my sick.

Her advice? “A successful woman has to bow down to a man if they want the relationship to work. Men can’t cope with a successful woman…. The wife always has to be the supporter of the man.”

My sweet lord. A woman has to bow down?

I have to feel sorry for Zandra. Clearly she has been indoctrinated with some seriously fucked up stuff in the course of her years, and perhaps at 67 is past the ‘new tricks’ stage. Observer Woman should know better though, than to represent her bleatings as valid. If she said she thought blacks should be sent back to Africa, or that the Jews were dangerous money-grubbers, would they have so blithely reprinted her comments?

This is the worst, nastiest, most dangerous kind of misogyny. The kind that makes men rub their hands with glee and say, look, we told you so. The kind of misogyny that makes colluders like Rhodes (and Helen Mirren with her awful date rape comments) traitors in the gender war.

There is plenty of sexism in the media already. Why does the Observer Woman feel the need to put its (undoubtedly stylish) boot in too?

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