Not an Intelligent design: Michael Reiss of the Royal Society wants to teach creationism

Posted by irresponsibility

Jiminy Christmas. Why is it that otherwise intelligent people can’t seem to resist atavistic, knuckleheaded impulses to drag education back into the dark ages? In America idiots with too much power and too little common sense have unleashed the furies of abstinence-only sex education and quote-unquote intelligent design on a bunch of hapless kids. Now, Michael Reiss – who is Director of Education at the Royal Society and who just happens to be an ordained C of E minister – thinks Britain should get in on the act by accepting creationism as an “alternative ‘world view’”

Delightfully, he remarks: “Just because something lacks scientific support doesn’t seem to me a sufficient reason to omit it from the science lesson.” And there I was thinking that is precisely why something should be omitted from science lessons.

Of course, Reiss means ever so well. He doesn’t want wee brainwashed kiddy-winkies whose mums and dads have crammed their heads with nonsense about dinosaurs hanging out with humans and God making woman out of a rib to have their comfortable fantasy world shattered. “Simply banging on about evolution and natural selection didn’t [in my experience] lead some pupils to change their minds,” he says, by way of justification. Surely then the problem is not with the teaching but with the students? If students, for whatever reason, refuse to be educated, the solution isn’t to rewrite the syllabus to satisfy their ideological quirks.

“I do believe in taking seriously and respectfully the concerns of students who do not accept the theory of evolution,” says Reiss.

Which is very sweet, but does he also believe in taking “seriously and respectfully” those who believe the earth is flat, or the moon is made of green cheese, or that babies are air-freighted into the world by storks? I’d love to know…

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