Woman sues over Jesus with an erection

Posted by irresponsibility

I love fundamentalist Christians. One of them, bless her pure-as-the-driven-snow soul, is suing a gallery for featuring a statue of Jesus with a lob on.

The outraged party, Emily Mapfuwa harumphed: “This statue served no other purpose than to… denigrate Christ.”

Wouldn’t it be more denigrating to suggest Jesus couldn’t get it up?

10 thoughts on “Woman sues over Jesus with an erection

  1. I like to think I’m pretty lenient when it comes to outrageous sex art but something about Jesus sporting an erection is just unsettling.

    I’m sure he got all kinds of erections but who really wants to think about that?

  2. the Bible calls Jesus “the son of man” — what could be more apt than to show him in such a basic human condition? if you think about it, jesus with an erection should be a call to the faithful to consider his humility and humanity, and what he (according to their beliefs) sacrificed by coming to earth and being born a man… anyway… maybe that’s just too much thinking for the Bible-bashing brigade

  3. The emphasis on his humanity is important – I don’t think that my problem is with his religious status. I just feel like Jesus’ sex life is none of my business just as much as my father’s perhaps.

    But I do appreciate the statue as it’s doing its job as an art piece – causing a ruckus and being thought provoking.

  4. erections aren’t necessarily sexual – children have erections – it’s just a phsyical response. why the big rush to label it obscene or blasphemous to consider that aspect of Jesus’ life?

  5. “but something about Jesus sporting an erection is just unsettling”


    of course if you think the world was created by “god” and jesus was his son (by virgin birth btw, and all the inherent physical, practical problems that that creates) then i spose seeing the son of your “maker” with an eric might be unsettling

    *shakes head*

  6. In the religious context sure. But I like to think of Jesus as a pretty cool guy with some postive messages. I think it’s like seeing the erection of any important person.

    In a somewhat puritanical society, it’s rare to see really anyone considered wholesome or respectable naked. The naked form, while beautiful when portrayed in art, is generally considered so because it is so sacred and hidden away. And in most cases outside of art, the exposed naked form is reserved for sexual occasions when another party is involved. Even things as mundane as breastfeeding in public make Americans (both men and women, I dunno about the UK population)) uncomfortable – Jesus never had a chance.

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