Torture Good, Diplomacy Bad: a Brit’s view of America

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When it isn’t April Fools Day and you read a headline like: ‘The kind of cop we need’ followed by sub-head: “…long-term global security calls for a strong leader, in Bush’s mould” you know you’re onto a winner – if you’re a fan of jumped-up jingoistic idiocy.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t even be wasting my time here. There is no point in taking seriously a man who writes: “An America that is strong in the defence of the values of Kennedy and Reagan” a moronic juxtaposition which argues strongly Tim Montgomerie doesn’t have the first fucking clue about Kennedy, Reagan or anything else.

But you have to ask yourself, what’s cooking? when a Conservative stooge starts publicly and noisily fellating America. Because, like, it’s totally rad and isn’t afraid to blow shit up.

I’m paraphrasing, obviously, but not by much. Setting up a spurious Obama vs Dubya debate (er, Barack’s running against McCain, though I can see how you might get the two GOPers confused) Montgomerie froths: “difficult times call for a president willing to eschew short-term popularity and pursue long-term respect.”

Hands up, who here thinks Bush’s foreign policy is likely to engender “long-term respect”?

You’ve gathered by now that Montgomerie has a hard-on for the whole America-the-world’s-police routine. “It is no longer ridiculous to believe the aggressive interventionism seen in [Iraq] will turn out to be the most successful policy of the Bush era.”

Really? If that is remotely true it stands as eyebrow-raising testament to the catastrophic awfulness of the rest of his policies. Which, admittedly, most of his own citizens aren’t keen on.

Tim’s further supposes that, “In 10 years, Iraq may be one of the Middle East’s most stable nations.” It might be. At the current rate of killing there won’t be anyone left to make it unstable. Or, America might have finished stealing their oil by then and left them in peace.

M wants you to know he isn’t some “Go U-S-A!” cheerleader though. “America should not ignore world opinion, which has been correct to worry about the way the US has compromised on human rights,” he affirms, adding “John McCain and Barack Obama have both pledged to end the torture-like practices.”

Ah, “torture-like.” Exactly the sort of straight-shootin’ talk you’d expect from the man who writes elsewhere: “Abu Ghraib… detainment-without-trial at Guantanamo Bay… extraordinary rendition and the use of… waterboarding…. Each individual example can be excused or justified.”

See, now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. What we need isn’t Barack Obama (“The most powerful leader in the world will then be more multilateralist, less aggressive”) but to get over our silly, European predilection for international cooperation and human rights.

5 thoughts on “Torture Good, Diplomacy Bad: a Brit’s view of America

  1. Iraq might not even exist in its current form (borders) in 10 years. Or the world might not even hold humans anymore because America tried to nuke people into submission. Or maybe Iraq will conquer the world.

    Point is, all that bullshit about “Iraq may be one of the most stable nations in the Middle East” is speculation and nothing more. Oh well, I guess journalists’ and analysts’ jobs hinge on speculation…

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