America: winners or spoilt kids?

Posted by irresponsibility

Stop knocking the winners, you losers,’ Jenni Murray scolds in the Observer. The tender-hearted Murray is unhappy. Britain isn’t very nice to school kids, gormless reality TV “stars” or dead authors.

I have yet to see the shade of light needed to cast Jade Goody as a “winner,” but I’m more interested in her thoughts on the antidote.

“The Americans don’t suffer from this insistence on false modesty,” Murray sighs. “They’ll always be the fearless first to come forward…. Their children are unashamed to show and tell; to try and fail and then try and try again, never afraid that they’ll be slapped down for flaunting their abilities.”

In her fantasy we sour-faced Brits could learn from our apple-cheeked American cousins how to be all bright and perky and go-getter-ish. Nice idea, but let’s face it: the defining national characteristic of the States – which she optimistically glosses as lack-of-fear-of-failure – is simply arrogance. A bull-headed insistence that, despite any and all evidence to the contrary, it’s the greatest nation on earth. Their children aren’t plucky strivers, they are noxious spoilt brats, oozing entitlement.

Just look at America’s pathetic strop over China scooping them in the Olympic gold medal count. Is that really something Britain needs to emulate?

4 thoughts on “America: winners or spoilt kids?

  1. i can see where she’s coming from, the difference is that we grew up in the uk admiring the us’ attitude to sport etc “they celebrate success – we knock it” when in reality it was, like you say, just an arrogant attitude

  2. I fear we are indeed arrogant. And as I write this I wonder if my ability to characterize my country-people as arrogant is not a sign of my own arrogance.

    Oy, my head is spinning.

  3. It should be added that not all of America’s children are totally spoiled or even arrogant. For those arrogant children that are not in the top 5% in income, that’s mostly a result of their parents (and schoolteachers) preaching that America is the best country period. And THAT’S something to worry about.

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