America throws sulk over China Olympic gold medal count

Posted by irresponsibility

Once upon a time in America kids were taught, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that counts.” No longer.

The pathetic, poor-sport attitude that mars everything from Little League to the NBA has gone national, baby. Right to the Olympics. With the US covering itself in, er, glory by refusing to acknowledge the IOC official medal count.

Reported in the Times: “The International Olympic Committee issues its league table based on the number of golds won, which gives China the honours, but… the American public is reading tables counting the total number of medals, including silver and bronze, won at the Games.” In which count, conveniently, America comes out ahead.

“Look, ma, I did it!”

What a collection of useless fucks. What a fine commentary on the state of the nation: that is so insanely narcissistic it will humiliate itself by throwing a strop in front of the entire planet. Honestly. Be fucking embarrassed for yourselves, America.

If you must win something, try a war.


9 thoughts on “America throws sulk over China Olympic gold medal count

  1. Poor sports forever, that’s the ‘Murikan way. If we’re not the winners, we’ll whine about it and try to make it look like we were robbed of our glory. Why not? I mean, my beloved country is hated by almost everyone; why should we settle for anything less than full-scale global abhorrence?
    But seriously, props to the Chinese. The whipped us, and they deserve the honors.

  2. Lol! It doesn’t help that those who try to make themselves informed resort to the mainstream TV news that does little to no international reporting other than in Iraq, further supporting the notion that we ARE the developed world.

    Ugh, I hate American arrogance so much. And I’m an American.

  3. Actually the people who should be f**king embarrassed are those whose self-esteem is so low they are constantly on the lookout for pathetically trivial reasons to try to criticize America (to make themselves feel better?) such as this.

    There’s no “official medal table”. The article says so itself. Moreover, “America” is not “throwing a sulk” or doing anything of the sort. You know that part of the article where it says that the American public is “reading tables” based on total medals? Guess where they’re reading those tables – in newspapers. Heard of them? Newspapers are independent entities. They are not owned by the U.S. Government or by “America” – not in this country, anyway. So even if your criticism has merit why not direct it to the newspaper(s) in question.

    Oh, right…because that wouldn’t give you the endorphin-boost of writing stuff like “America throws sulk”. Well, carry on, if it makes you feel good….

    Personally I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Olympics either way, didn’t watch a lick of it, and kinda feel sorry for countries who have to derive some amount of self-worth from winning Olympic medals.

  4. “those whose self-esteem is so low they are constantly on the lookout for pathetically trivial reasons to try to criticize America”

    you’re absolutely right. I dolook out for trivial reasons to criticise America. it makes a nice change from having to tackle war (, oppression (, unconscienable social policy (, corporate villany (

  5. please don’t encourage them to try any more wars, they haven’t really won a proper one since 1945 now, and we did most of that for them anyway they just jumped in at the end for some glory, but you gotta give it to them, its not for the want of trying.

    its time now for the US to give up on it’s ridiculous obsession with wars, on drugs, terrorism and on any tiny little defenceless country that doesn’t do as it’s told.

    Its time for them to start thinking about how they’re going to fit into the new world order that will develop from their imminent financial meltdown. 30 years is a long time to mask bankruptcy by just printing more dollars and hoping no-one notices, the backlash will be severe. as something other than unofficial global playground bully for a change..

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