Attack Barack: are Britney and Paris the worst you can do?

Oh sweet Jesus. You have got to be kidding me. I finally sat down and wasted 32 seconds of my life watching McCain’s attack ad comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

“He’s the biggest celebrity in the world,” a woman’s voice intones breathily over scenes of Obama rallies juxtaposed with pap shots of Britters and Paris. Are people really dumb enough to buy this shit? Because, yeah, obviously, all celebrities are created equal. Just because people know your name you must be a famous-for-being-famous bubble-head, right? “With rising oil prices Obama says no to offshore drilling” the voice trills. And that’s a bad thing?

“More foreign oil… that’s the real Obama,” is the murmured parting shot. Because of course, McCain’s unswerving support for the turkey shoot in Iraq is nothing to do with foreign oil (another hundred years boss? Can’t wait.)

It’s so fucking absurd. So patently designed to play neatly both on sexism and racism (dumb blonde bimbos! Uppity black man! Is this what you want for your daughters?) it hardly deserves any attention. Yet… surely it wouldn’t have been hocked into existence if someone didn’t think it would appeal to the brain-dead far-right reaches of the American public. Anyone else would, rightly, be insulted at such cack-handed polemicising. What’s next? An ad comparing Obama to Hitler? “Obama supports mandatory health insurance…” intercut with photomontages of Nazi physicians – don’t bet against it.


2 thoughts on “Attack Barack: are Britney and Paris the worst you can do?

  1. Depressing, if that really is all they have. But I fear this is just the beginning. McCain has less inspiration in his entire being than Obama has in his little finger.

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