Britney: still ‘incapable’ of managing her life?

The fucked up three-ring circus surrounding the erstwhile Princess of Pop has fascinated me for a long time. From the suggestion that she was causing her infant sons psychic damage by being naked in their presence to the horrifyingly absurd legal decision (made, interestingly, by a woman) to make her father her legal “conservator” this whole saga is misogynistic fudge-ripple flavouring the vanilla fantasy of an all-American dream girl.

Lo, it continues. Just a few days ago the (I can only assume insanely self-hating) female commission Reva Geotz ruled that Britney’s “health is ‘somewhat tenuous’ and that she is still incapable of making decisions for herself.”

Geez. You’d think Britney were a vegetable or at the very least staring at walls while rocking incessantly back and forth. Not the case though. According to any number of reports she’s been cruising around on a quad bike while on holiday, seeing her young sons regularly and hanging out at parties.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that a sentient, legal adult (not to mention global superstar) is still being kept under house arrest thanks to a conspiracy between her bum of an alcoholic dad who has lived off his daughter’s success for at least two decades of her young life and her “lawyer” who is busily representing to the court that it might be “harmful” for her to take part in her own legal proceedings?

Crazy-ass shit, but it starts to make sense when you read that Britney is working hard on her new album. As in shooting video, laying down vocals, meeting producers, working out, travelling. Isn’t it a little funny that someone who is “incapable” of making her own decisions is still capable of going to work? When even lunk-headed gossip rags like NOW grasp the point that: “Britney may not need a bank boost, but others around her could do with a cash fix – she gives Kevin and her dad Jamie weekly allowances” it seems pretty fucking shriekingly obvious something has gone very awry.

This is pure princess-in-the-tower shit. This isn’t just weird, or dodgy, or immoral. It’s illegal. There is something called coverture; the common-law tradition that a married woman was legally the chattel of her husband – she couldn’t work, get an education, hold property or even keep her own earnings from any job. It was last upheld by the US courts in 1873…. Until now….


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