Blood, Speeches and Fear: Zimbabwe

The spiralling misery of Zimbabwe has kept me horrified/transfixed. Forget car-crash. What has happened in Zimbabwe over the last few weeks is more like a Holocaust (and sure enough, the white world has stood casually by, watching the undesirables burn).

Now the “election” — or rather, the vicious rape of a nation by a mummified tyrant and his gangsters — is over. As the world whimpers and dithers over the “legitimacy” of Mugabe’s “election” (again, the very mushiness of debate is an insult to the people living through this) the pestilent criminal sends his mouthpieces to bray idiocies.

After Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga called for Zimbabwe to be suspended from the African Union Mugabe stooge George Charamba snarled: “We have our own history of evolving dialogue and resolving political impasses the Zimbabwean way.” A way, we’ve all seen, that involves wholesale murder, rape, torture and mayhem.

Tragically, it seems Odinga’s advice is going unheeded and the African Union won’t challenge the “legitimacy” of this cruelly farcical “election.” It is a terrible dereliction of duty on their part. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has little right to condemn Africa’s inaction. Let they who are without sin cast the first stones.

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