Americans & the “Tragedy” of Rising Gas Prices

Er, can I just say my heart is bleeding at the news that Americans are (heaven forfend) having to change their behaviour due to rising petrol prices. “People have recognized that prices are not going down and are adapting to higher energy costs,” economist Sara Johnson is quoted as saying in the IHT. Poor lambs.

I mean, how awful for Debbie Gloyd of Cleveland, who now has to take the bus to work, or Lissa Nash “a single mother struggling to raise her two sons on her modest salary” who bleats, “The whole gas price situation makes me so angry. Rising gas prices end up hurting working, lower-class people like me.”

More poignant still the heartrending saga of “Ryan Andrews, 23, and Tara Driscoll, 21, arrived at the beach red-faced and sweating from riding their bicycles on a hot day… Driscoll said she got the bicycle so she could ride to work every day, a commute of two miles, instead of driving.”

Oh no. What a terrible tragedy. That two healthy young people should suffer the cruel and unusual punishment of having to travel a whole TWO MILES without the aid of an internal combustion engine. I could weep…

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2 thoughts on “Americans & the “Tragedy” of Rising Gas Prices

  1. im still crying for them about the fuel. $4!!

    ..that’s a whole 2GBP!

    its been over 5GBP in the UK for 2 years now.

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